Touring and productions:

Cool Play (2016)

43 minutes

Cool Play This work was choreographed by the renowned Senegalese and French choreographer, Patrick Acogny, for Contempo Physical Dance’s international choreography residency and commissioning program. Patrick is Artistic Director of l'Ecole des Sables and of son of Germaine Acogny, known as the “mother of African dance.” Influenced by traditional gatherings in Senegal, Cool Play is a contemporary exploration of individual performances and interactions in the social setting.

Vulcão (2015)

43 minutes

Dancers manifest themselves in awesome displays of fiery power in this work inspired by volcanos and the Brazilian slang word used to describe someone extremely desirable or detested.

SenZalma (2014)

57 minutes

SenZalma is “transcendent” with bounding leaps, sounds of water, drums and capoeira rhythms and painterly images of the starry sea. This full-length work explores the universal human struggle toward freedom from an Afro-Brazilian perspective. Inspired by the poem O Navio Negreiro (The Slave Ship) by renowned Brazilian author Castro Alves, SenZalma is a combination of the words “senzala” (slave quarters) and “alma” (soul). The work is both a lamentation and a celebration of the human spirit.

Batuque (2013)

65 minutes

Batuque explores the African origins and rise of samba in Brazil. Known for bringing a fever pitch of energy to the stage, the dancers in this energizing full-length work rock in and out of the rhythmic complexities of originally composed percussive music inspired by the many flavors of samba.

Motirô (2012)

55 minutes

Motirô is a fast favorite and defining work of the company. Based on the Brazilian indigenous word meaning, “a meeting of people to help and build something together,” this full-length work by Marciano Silva dos Santos brings to life the company’s irresistible fusion of Afro-Brazilian dance, capoeira and contemporary dance.

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Jenny Pennaz, Managing Director

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