BLM and Contempo Physical Dance


JUNE 17-18, 24-25, 2016

Two of Minnesota’s dance powerhouses, Black Label Movement and Contempo Physical Dance join forces to produce the Cowles Center’s first ever collaborative dance concert. Highly physical, driving dance is taken to new heights when these two thrilling companies merge their creative processes to offer an unprecedented evening in Minnesota that features two world premieres co-created by both companies. Artistic Directors Marciano Silva dos Santos of Contempo Physical Dance and Carl Flink of Black Label Movement will make and perform a duet for the first premiere, a rare opportunity to see these two nationally recognized artists of diverse artistic aesthetics on stage together. For the second premiere, both choreographers will team together to create an ensemble work blending their intense physicalities with a dynamic cast of movers from both companies. The evening will also include an audience favorite from each company’s repertoire.


Janet Wallace Main Stage Theater
May 29-31

Forces acting within the Earth, generally unseen by humans, manifest themselves in awesome displays of fiery power. Vulcão is Contempo Physical Dance’s latest collaboration between choreographer Marciano Silva dos Santos, composer Divanir Antonio Gattamorta, and its unified and fiercely athletic cast of dancers. Utilizing the company’s Afro-Brazilian contemporary dance fusion, the work takes inspiration from volcanoes, which are both majestically beautiful and powerfully dynamic. Also slang in Brazilian Portuguese to describe someone extremely desirable or detested, Vulcão goes beyond nature to reveal parallels found in human relationships. From shifting tectonic plates to fluid and viscous lava, the work pushes the dancers’ physicality and displays their unyielding vitality. Join us at Macalester College this May for Contempo Physical Dance’s Saint Paul debut performance.


The Cowles Center Minneapolis, MN

January 30 - February 1, 2015

Contempo Physical Dance returns to The Cowles Center with Motirô, a fast favorite and defining work of the company. Based on the Brazilian indigenous word meaning, “a meeting of people to help and build something together,” this full-length performance by Marciano Silva dos Santos brings to life the company’s irresistible fusion of Afro-Brazilian dance, capoeira and contemporary dance.


JSB TEK BOX Theater | The Cowles Center

August 22 – 24, 2014

Contempo Physical Dance presents the world premiere of Seca, an original choreography by Marciano Silva dos Santos, as part of the company's first 50+ project for dancers over the age of fifty. Featuring performances by Kathryn Anderson, Robert Borman, Patricia Brown, Michele Costello, Susan Esther Ouray, Becky Heist, Jim Lieberthal and Lori Mercil, the work fuses Afro-Brazilian dance, capoeira and contemporary dance.



FEBRUARY 7-9, 2014


Contempo Physical Dance returns to The Cowles Center with the world premiere of SenZalma, a new full-length work choreographed by Marciano Silva dos Santos featuring original music by Brazilian composer, Divan, and visual design by Josh Sarantitis. Inspired by the poem O Navio Negreiro (The Slave Ship) by Antonio de Castro Alves, the work will explore broader contemporary themes of human identity and that which chains and bonds us together.

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